Just Tall - from 0 to 900 visitors in 5 months

This new website has achieved 900 visitors per month and over 1,000 indexed phrases

Visitor Numbers

This was a new website as of April this year. Less than 6 months later visitor numbers have climbed to approx 900 per month.


In this time, the site has gained 1,148 indexed keywords. 41 have top 3 positioning. A total of 154 phrases appear on the front page.


The owner of Just Tall came to me at the start of April looking for SEO services for their new online clothing store. The site is international and doesn’t just target the UK. The site is built using the Shopify content management system.

The Order

On the 1st April we put in place my premium level Full Service gig which included at the time (the gig has since been updated):

  • 10 .uk contextual backlinks
  • 4 posts over my Google News approved websites
  • 200 directory links
  • 4 redirects from high value media websites.

We followed this up on the 5th June with a one off purchase of my premium monthly top up gig to add:

  • 10 contextual links
  • 3 posts over the Google News approved websites
  • 2 redirects

More recently we added another one off purchase of the standard level monthly top up gig to add:

  • 10 contextual links
  • 2 posts over the Google News approved websites
  • 1 redirect

The Results

From a standing start the site has seen visitor numbers and keywords/phrases indexed, increase steadily month on month. These are natural improvements and are typical that clients are seeing. Not only are the number of phrases the site is capturing increasing, the ones already indexed are improving too with more phrases moving onto the front page and in to the top 3 search results.

The pleasing aspect here is the site and owner aren’t based in the UK, yet a service that I’d predominantly marketed to UK buyers is providing great results to an overseas website.

The statistics can be seen and verified by visiting Semrush. The graphs on the site showing the upward trajectories of both organic traffic and organic keywords speak for themselves.

The recent implementation of the additional monthly top up has yet to take effect and I’d expect to see these graphs continue to rise as the new backlinks take effect.

Be my next success story

The full service gig has become my most well received gig. It constantly provides results for my buyers and I’m now seeing clients come back to repeat it on service and product pages.

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