Little Rascals

Brand new website reaches 90 visitors per month and 89 indexed phrases in just 2 months...


In August Semrush statistics show 0 visitors to the website. By October this has risen to 90 per month.


Again in August ths site wasn’t ranking for any phrases. As of October the figure is 89 with 18 of those on page 2.


The site – Little Rascals Playhouses – is a new website that had no search performance when the client came to me at the end of August. The company are an online retailer for high-quality children’s wooden playhouses.

The buyer is a regular of mine and this was the second time they purchased the full service gig for one of their sites.

The Order

On the 25th of August we put in place my premium level Full Service gig which includes:

  • 10 .uk contextual backlinks
  • 14 .com contextual backlinks
  • 4 posts over my Google News approved websites
  • 200 directory links
  • 3 redirects from high value media websites.

On the 9th October we followed this up with 5 posts over my Google News approved property websites.

The Results

On checking progress less than 2 months later it’s pleasing to see the work put in place has started to take effect.

Progress has been fairly rapid over the last few weeks. The statistics show indexed phrases go from 0 in August to 11 in September then 89 in October. The traffic statistic is more of a spike with a change from 0 visitors in August and September to 90 in October.

The statistics can be seen and verified by visiting Semrush. The graphs on the site showing the upward trajectories of both organic traffic and organic keywords speak for themselves.

The owner is keen to keep this progression going and we’re now considering a repeat of the gig but this time linking to internal product pages.

Be my next success story

The full service gig has become my most well received gig. It constantly provides results for my buyers and I’m now seeing clients come back to repeat it on service and product pages.

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