Simply Soaperior sees improvement to DA & Traffic

3 month subscription service provides impressive results

1 > 21

Domain Authority score improves 20 points over a 4 month period.


Organic traffic sees visitor number improve by 479% from June – October.


Simply Soaperior offer bath products and home fragrances online. They use a cutting-edge small batch technique which provides the strictest quality control. They have many happy clients around the UK who puchase through their website. Simply Soaperior is enthusiastic about sustainable living and ethics. Wherever possible, most items are made with ingredients that are vegan as well as vegetarian friendly.

After completing my directory service for them through Fiverr, the owner of the business approached me looking for further inbound links. A plan was made to take my UK contextual links and 301 redirect service on a 3 month subscription.

The Results

Domain Authority

Statistics taken from independent third party SEO tools shortly after the final delivery show great improvements to Simply Soaperior’s Domain Authority score (Domain Authority is a score by Moz – in simple terms, the higher the score, the more likely a site is to rank for targeted keywords/phrases. Whilst the score is out of 100, most businesses offering a service in the UK – tradesmen, professionals, etc that are on page 1 of Google are usually high teens / low twenties.).

Prior to the work taking place, Simply Soaperior had a score of 1, after just 4 months this had improved to 21…

Gradual, steady and more importantly – natural improvements were seen each month. The score was 1 in June, 6 in July, 10 in August, 18 in September, rising to 21 by October. View the results here.

Organic Traffic

Improvement to the Domain Authority score is irrelevant if it doesn’t lead to an increase in visitors to the site. Stats from Semrush (another third party SEO tool) also show impressive results…

Prior to the subscription taking place, Semrush have organic visitor numbers at 47 per month in June, as of October this has improved to 225. That’s a massive 479% increase in traffic!

Be my next success story

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2) Select the 3 month subscription

Check the ‘Subscibe for 3 month plan then click ‘Continue’.

3) Add the redirect

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4) Confirm the subscription

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