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Why use Google News approved links?

Gaining Google News Approved status is a manual process. A website is submitted to Google for review and should it be deemed to be of good quality and providing authoritative news pieces, it will then be accepted to the platform.

There are many benefits to having guest posts on such high-quality websites.

  • Brand awareness
  • High quality permanent links
  • Improved authenticity and credibility
  • Faster results with low SEO efforts

What's included?

The service provides a news article related to your niche with a backlink to your website.

If you are looking to improve you local search presence, add the Google My Business option. This includes a powerful citation (mention of your Name, Address, Phone Number (NAP)) and an embedded Google Map with your business details.

The Process

Step One - Order Requirements

The order requirements are straightforward - your website URL and a phrase you are looking to target. Depending on the level ordered this may be one phrase which is used across all the sites or multiple phrases with a unique article per site.
The phrase(s) should be what customers are entering on the search engines to find a business like yours. For example "new boiler installation" or "dog training classes".

Step Two - Articles are sourced relevant to your keywords

If "new boiler installation" is one of your keywords I will find articles that explain the fitting of new boilers.

Step Three - The content is re-written

The sourced articles are run through a premium content rewriter. The outputted article will subsequently pass plagiarism checks and is viewed as fresh content.
I've use many rewriters or "spinners" over the years with varying success. The one in place at the moment is really good and creates articles that are grammatically excellent.

Step Four - The new articles are posted

Articles are posted over the Google News approved websites and your keywords/phrases are added to the body of the text. Those keywords are used as the anchor text as a link to your website. We are telling the search engines that you provide these services.

Step Five - Delivery

Delivery time is set at 1-2 days however I often deliver the same day. A spreadsheet is sent with the URLs created.

Step Six - What Next?

It's now a case of waiting for the articles to be indexed on Google. They will also be picked up by the third party SEO tools - Semrush, Ahrefs, Moz, Ubersuggest, etc.​

The Sites Used

Current list updated May 2022… Please do feel free to check the metrics.

Lancashire Gazette

Belfast Chronicle

Glasgow Telegraph

Birmingham Bulletin

What to expect?

Frequently asked questions

This is a maximum one URL and Keyword/Phrase per article.

Anything but no adult / illegal. 

No. I offer the service on a subscription on Fiverr.

Customer Feedback

Typical customer feedback below. More comments can be read on the service page over on Fiverr.

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