Google Domain Links

Leveraging backlinks created on Google

Part of my 4 in 1 service, these backlinks are created on Google’s geographical platforms.

High Domain Authority

Being Google, the sites where the links are created have a high domain authority score. Many are 90+


Dofollow links will directly impact the search ranking algorithm and are a key component of getting a website ranked on the search engines.

The Process

Step One - Order Requirements

Straightforward - just your website's URL.

Step Two - The Backlinks are created

Depending on the level of service ordered, anywhere between 10 - 30 Google domain links are put in place.

Step Three - Delivery

A spreadsheet with the URLs is sent with the 4 in 1 delivery.

Step Four - What Next?

The links are usually picked up by Moz within a couple of weeks providing a noticeable improvement in the destination site's authority score.

An Example

A link to this site from Google

A screenshot showing the backlink’s metrics taken from Moz…

Customer Feedback

Feedback taken from my Fiverr Improve Moz Domain Authority service which also utilises these backlinks.

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