Google Stacking

A lesser known way for ranking a website

What Is Google Stacking?

Google Stacking is an authoritative SEO strategy that creates links on Google’s own platform to a company, or user’s website to improve its online presence. Typical platforms for Google Stacking include Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, etc which are stacked on top of each other for SEO.

The process is also known as Google Entity Stacking, a Google Drive Stack, Google Cloud Stack, Google Property Stack, Google Asset Stack, and Google Authority Stack. Regardless of the name being used, the same off-page SEO link building strategy applies: creating links over a collection of Google entities for a specific website, company, or brand to improve it’s overall authority

The process is great for local SEO, however it also works well for national and international websites operating in a more competitive market on the Search Engine Result Pages.

Going Deeper

As we’ve established, Google Stacking works by creating assets on Google platforms and building links within those assets to your website.

They can also be used to help with local SEO by including the name, address, and phone number inside each Google asset.

Google has a vast network of properties:

Google Stacking involves creating links on each of these to a website. They are interlinked, passing authority between the stack.

We are able to target keywords and phrases by using contextual links (the clickable text of a hyperlink), sending signals to the search engine that the website being linked to relates to those topics. For example, a builder in London may use a contextual link such as “kitchen renovations in Fulham”.

How Does My Process Work?

Depending on the gig level ordered I will ask for 4, 8 or 12 keywords/phrases. A set of Google Stacks will be created for each one.

This is the process that yielded best results in my testing and is what I believe sets me apart from other sellers offering the service who combine those phrases over one stack. It does involves more work but it does provide a much better outcome.

Once each set of stacks has been built, a html document is published over a Google Sites site which includes details of everything put in place. The Google Sites pages will then link to your website.

Can I see an example?

But How Do I Know it Works?

As with all my gigs I perform extensive testing before launching. I’ve binned off many that do not provide results, but I was delighted to see that the stacking method gave good gains to 5 of the 6 sites in my trial with the 6th (which started later) currently showing smaller improvements.

You can see details of these trials on my case studies page here including before and after screenshots from Ahrefs (a leading third party SEO tool) however an overview from my own records is listed below.

As you will see, the results are impressive with some competitive local search terms having double digit improvements.

The dates between the results being recorded was a few months. It’s important to note that this is not an overnight tactic.

Frequently asked questions

The number of phrases will depend on the level ordered. If you wish to link to different pages for each one that’s fine.

No. The Google entities will all link to the Google Sites page. From here we will then link to the target URL.

There are no restrictions.

No, it can be repeated.

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