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199 UK Business directory submissions

The business directory submission service is my most purchased gig. Initially launched in 2018, I have refined the process a number of times and only use websites that I know are reputable. As part of the service I include 4 independent SEO tool reports along with my own observations that will help with your on-page optimisation and search engine visibility.

The service has 3 levels:

  • Basic: 190 Directories over one network
  • Standard: 199 Directories. This adds 9 further independent directories.
  • Premium: All directories plus 5 contextual links from my UK Link Network

Reputable UK Directories

The sites used are large UK websites. Think massive news sites with lots of traffic. The domain authority scores for the directories are varied - a handful in the 90s with the majority of the others spread between 40 - 90.

Verified Listings

Something which I believe sets me apart from other Fiverr sellers is the ability to have your listing verified. This adds a watermark to the profile making it stand out in the results.

Excellent Citations

By adding your Business Name, Location and Telephone Number you will create powerful NAPs (Name, Address, Phone). Consistent mentions of these details are key to performing well in local search.

Independent Reports & Advice

On completion I will send 4 reports along with advice on steps you can take to enhance your ability to rank well. The reports cover both on-page and off-page optimisation.

The Process

Step One - Order Requirements

To complete the service I require from you the following: Business/Organisation Name, Web Address, Email Address, Telephone No, Physical Address, Description, Keywords and Opening Hours. The basic network can be completed with as much or as little information you'd like to send. An address or telephone number isn't required.

Step Two - Submission

Your business / organisation / website is submitted to the network of directories. All details sent as part of the order requirements are added along with your logo and social links (where possible) to create an informative profile.

Step Three - Reports Generated

I will run your website URL through 4 independent reports - two that assess page speed and performance, one which goes through you on-page content and a final one that assesses your inbound link profile.

Step Four - Delivery

Delivery time for the directory element is 24 hours, however orders placed prior to 5pm are generally delivered the same day. A spreadsheet is sent with the URLs created and links to the SEO reports included with the covering note. I've worked on thousands of websites over the years and can quickly spot easy to implement items that will improve on-page SEO. I'll send my comments and instructions that you may wish to act upon.

Step Five - What Next?

Once the profiles are in place it's a case of waiting for them to be picked up by the search engines. Anyone visiting the directories will be able to see your business in the listings immediately.


Basic Level

A typical listing:

Standard Level

A typical listing:

Frequently asked questions

No. I can provide a workaround if all you are interested in are inbound links. An address does not need to be listed on the basic package.

Any and all…! Current customers include therapists, dog groomers and gyms. Seeing lot’s of orders for CBD, Vaping, Hemp, etc…

Yes absolutely 100% Links are published to websites with high domain authority and trust scores.

No, this is a 24 hour turnaround with the basic service created over one network. Once you are added to one, you appear over multiple sites.

I need your domain name, address (optional though it will add weight for local searches), a contact number and desciption of your service / business. If you have opening hours these can be included in the listing too.

I have a separate gig – build high quality SEO co uk backlinks manual link building. The premium level incorporates 5 links at a reduced cost. See the UK links gig for more info or contact me. The first 5 words/phrases submitted as part of the order requirements will be used as anchor text.

I’m afraid not. To create verified listings I use a developer API which sends the information through to the network. As such I can not provide access to this.

No – these are business listings – one business, one website.

No – it’s just one set of directories I use however if you are looking for further link building please do check my other gigs.

Customer Feedback

Typical customer feedback below. More comments can be read on the service page over on Fiverr.

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